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Carter from Estevan SK


To the nobles at the WA WA Shriners in Estevan (Saskatchewan), it seems like just yesterday when the Brown family reached out to them for help. Carter was born with some difficulties and his parents learned shortly after that he had a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) also known as brittle bone disease.

In researching possible help, his parents Jenn and Mike were referred to a local Shriner. Within a very short time Carter was accepted by the Shriners Hospitals for Children®– Canada. “With the comments we had heard before our trip we thought nothing could be done but within five minutes the team in Montreal gave us all the hope in the world” said Jenn Brown.

Carter’s physicians were François Fassier, M.D., inventor of the Fassier-Duval rod, a telescopic rod used to treat the condition and Francis Glorieux M.D., Ph.D., who pioneered a treatment for OI called Pamidronate. Carter’s medical team was also included an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, dietician, social worker, and nurses including a care coordinator and cast technician.

Carter has had a major impact upon the nobles at the WA WA Temple. He assisted Ill. Sir Don McDougall at the circus shows in 2010, after confidently walking out to the center ring to the delight of all, he opened up with his enthusiastic “On with the show!”.

The Browns believe that their spunky little four year-old is determined and lets nothing stop him. This was demonstrated during the visit of Imperial Sir George Mitchell and Lady Deanna when Carter was asked to come to the front of the hall and he ran up from the far back corner.

During their most recent trip to the hospital, they met a young family that has a baby girl with OI. “It was their first time at the hospital and we spent a lot of time talking about dealing with OI and their baby” said Jenn. Another family had done the same for the Browns during their first trip and they were happy to be able to do the same for others. As a result of Carter’s journey Mike and his father-in-law Paul Deren have both become Shriners. Mike has completed his term as President of the Estevan Shrine Club turning the reins over to Paul in 2011.

At home Carter is attending pre-school and running around with the other children. “We are so thankful every day for the Shriners and all they have done for us. Without them and their hospital, life would be a lot scarier right now” said the Browns.