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Three Shriners Hospitals for Children - Canada Patients Doing Spartan Races to Prove Obstacles Can Be Overcome

Last year, 17-year-old Jeffrey, a Shriners Hospitals for Children® – Canada patient, proved that obstacles can be overcome finishing not one but four Spartan Races… with a prosthetic on his right foot and no right hand. “Every race is exhausting, but it is really a question of putting yourself in the right mental space… if I can do it, anyone can,” Jeffrey insists. This year, he will try to go for the “Trifecta” – running a 5 km, a 13 km and a 20 km Spartan Race! Jeffrey says he’ll run races until his team raises $10,000 for our hospital! He has even recruited his parents, grandfather, brothers and friends to run and fundraise with him!

Jeffrey QC Sprint EAI LOW

Jeffrey won’t be running alone. Two more Canada Shriners Hospital patients have been inspired to prove that physical disabilities don’t necessarily mean limitations. Philippe, who’s 18 and has cerebral palsy, ADHD and an intellectual disability, will be challenging himself to a Spartan Race. 14 year old Aurélie will be running a Spartan Race too. She was born with one leg shorter than the other and had to undergo a painful leg lengthening less than two years ago. 


Jeffrey, Philippe and Aurélie are also running Spartan Races to raise money for Canada Shriners Hospital. Encourage them and donate to their funds:


More on Shriners Hospital for Children – Canada’s partnership with Spartan Race

All patients at Canada Shriners Hospital face obstacles: we treat children with orthopaedic and neuromuscular problems such as scoliosis, brittle bone disease, club feet, hip dysplasia, leg length discrepancies and cerebral palsy. Our mission is to treat and rehabilitate our patients. Our aim is to convey to them that so much is possible when we put our mind to it.

That’s why, for the second year in a row, Canada Shriners Hospital is a Spartan Race charity partner. Anyone willing to raise a minimum of $200 for Shriners Hospitals for Children – Canada, can get a free entry into the Spartan Race of their choice (adult or junior race).

We’re also looking for volunteers to represent us on Spartan Race days (see below). Why this partnership? Spartan Races challenge participants to make it to the finish line, not necessarily to win. The idea is to help and encourage others during the race, so that everyone can get that coveted “Finisher” t-shirt and medal. Spartan Races have many of the same goals we at Canada Shriners Hospital have: showing compassion, helping others and trying our best to overcome obstacles both physical and psychological. We are using Spartan Races as an example of a challenge kids and adults alike can take on to prove to themselves they can do great things.

To sign-up with our Canada Shriners Hospital Spartan Race team, to volunteer or to become a spokespatient email :

Where and when are the Spartan Races?

Canada Shriners Hospital is a charity partner in: Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary and Red Deer.

June 4 – Quebec City (Stoneham Mountain Resort) – Sprint

June 5 - Quebec City (Stoneham Mountain Resort) – Super

June 18 – Ottawa (Ski Eldelweiss) – Sprint

June 19 – Ottawa (Ski Eldelweiss) – Sprint

June 25 – Edmonton (Oilfield Technical Society Park) - Sprint

July 2 – Toronto (Ski Brimacombe) – Sprint

July 3 – Toronto (Ski Brimacombe) – Super

July 16 – Montreal (Owl’s Head)  - Sprint

July 17 – Montreal (Owl’s Head)  - Sprint

July 30 – Montreal (Owl’s Head)  - Super

July 31 – Montreal (Owl’s Head)  - Beast & Ultra-Beast

August 13 – Calgary (TBD – in Calgary proper) – Sprint

September 3 – Red Deer (Heritage Ranch) – Super

September 4 – Red Deer (Heritage Ranch) – Sprint

For more information on Spartan Races, go to

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